Dr. Steinberg has been practicing Cardiology for over 20 years and is the current chief of Cardiology department at Community Memorial Hospital (CMH) in Ventura, CA where he is in charge of peer review, reviewing cases for standard of care, quality measures and credentialing.

He also sits on the utilization and review committee and am the consultant in cardiology care for a large 300 physician IPA that includes 30 Cardiologists.  Dr. Steinberg has been an expert reviewer for the Board of California for the last nine years.

He is board certified in cardiovascular diseases, nuclear cardiology and cardiac CT and have scored in the top rankings in those exams. Dr. Steinberg is a Clinical Assistant Professor at Western University Health Sciences CMH residency program, teaching medical resident and medical residents. Dr. Steinberg practices real-life community Cardiology and works with a very busy Cardiovascular group.

He personally sees thousands of patients a year ranging from the stable patients in the office to taking care of sick patients in the hospital.  He has practiced and performed reviews in multiple communities and hospitals, observing the practices of many local and outside Cardiologists with different backgrounds and training. Dr. Steinberg has a superb understanding of what the standard of care of a busy practicing community Cardiologist.

With this experience, he was chosen to be the expert witness for the prosecution during the recent State of California versus Dr. Conrad Murray trial commenting on the standards of care of a Cardiologist.