Expert Services

Dr. Alon Steinberg reviews cases as an cardiology expert for individuals or hospitals for independent review. He can serve as a consultant or expert reviewer for Medical Board cases. He has served as a cardiology medical expert and witness for both plaintiff and defense counsel. In addition, Dr. Steinberg as a cardiology expert, analyzes and compares expert reports and helps clients and lawyers in preparation for the trial. Dr. Steinberg gives only honest and unbiased opinions regarding cases. Dr. Steinberg has commented also on sudden cardiac death, wrongful death, unexpected death, CPR and ACLS.  Dr. Steinberg has expertise in prone restraint deaths and arrest related deaths.

As a cardiovascular specialist, Dr. Steinberg has the obligation and duty as a citizen and a physician to act as an expert witness in litigation when issues appropriate to his training and expertise are involved. Acting as an expert witness, Dr. Steinberg serves as a knowlegeable, experienced, impartial individual, presenting his or her own considered opinions of the case to see that justice is served. The expert witness is not an advocate for either side that has engaged him or her but to assist the judge and jury to understand the medical facts of the case. The expert witness acts as a consultant and a teacher. Testimony must be honest, objective, and fully impartial regarding the medical information in the case. Medical testimony must be clearly stated, concise and understandable. The expert witness has the ethical obligation to give truthful answers within the bounds of his or her expertise and must be able to sincerely and validly justify the position he or she believes. (This paragraph includes excerpts from ACP expert witness guidelines as well as ACC policy statement).

State of California versus Conrad Murray

Dr. Steinberg became notarized for medical expert witness work during the State of California versus Conrad Murray case (Michael Jackson death trial). On October 12, 2011 he served as a defense expert witness for the prosecution (State of California), commenting on the standards of care of a Cardiologist. In this role, he worked providing consulting and expert testimony to the prosecution and the Medical Board. His testimony was easy to understand and follow.   Dr. Steinberg’s experience allows him to be an ideal expert witness.