Dr. Steinberg’s Private Practice/Group & Clinical Trials

Dr. Alon Steinberg is a member and partner with Cardiology Associates Medical Group (CAMG) in Ventura County, California. CAMG is a single specialty Cardiology practice. CAMG offers complete cardiovascular care including nuclear medicine, cardiac CT and MRI, echocardiography, interventional Cardiology (stents), peripheral vascular disease (carotid and lower extremity testing and intervention), electrophysiology (pacemakers, defibrillators, ablations). Dr. Steinberg is the head of Nuclear Cardiology as well as the Radiation Safety Officer of CAMG. He is the current Chair of Cardiology at Community Memorial Hospital in Ventura, CA. For more information go to www.cardiacadvantage.com (click below)

Dr. Steinberg is also involved with clinical trials with CAMG as well as Ventura Clinical Trials and Axis Clinical Trials.